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Nadine Saubers RN BSN

Outie Tool™, Use It Again Sam, Plume, and Nae's Earth are brand names produced by Nadine & Co. LLC.

OUTIE TOOL™ is protected by the US patent office PATENT USPN 8,062,030 - 8,545,219 - 29/634,883.

European Union Design No. 005502747-0001
Australian Design Registration No. 201814298

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Nadine and Company LLC



Nadine Saubers RN BSN


About Nadine and Company LLC

Our Products

Outie Tool

Aligner removal tool

visit the Outie Tool website

Plume Bags

Eco-friendly shopping bag totes


Nadine and Company LLC Members


Derek Thiele
Attorney at Thiele & May, LLP



Dr. John A. Davis
Senior Partner and the Founder of OMBI

Nadine Saubers RN BSN

Nadine & Co. LLC